At Evansburg Entwistle and District Chamber of Commerce, we offer 2 different types of advertising/signage.

  1. Our Digital-LED Sign – The sign is located on Mainstreet Evansburg on the corner beside the Bakery (5007 50 St, Evansburg AB, T0E 0T0). With our Digital Sign, there are a variety of options you can post for passing by people to see. We can place images (if the sizing works) and putting together slides with the information you would like to post. We also offer the option to post about special celebrations including Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  2. Highway Signage – Our Signage is located on the North Side of Highway 16 between Range Road 75 and Entwistle.
What are you hoping to know? If you have an idea for the post on the digital sign, include the idea here! if you need to attach an image/graphic, send it to

Thanks for checking out our signage opportunities with the Evansburg Entwistle & District Chamber of Commerce.

If you have any other questions feel free to shoot us an email ( and we will get back to you!