Membership Application

Membership Application

2023 Membership Applications are open!

A note for NEW MEMBERS

We thank you for your interest in joining the Evansburg Entwistle Chamber of Commerce!

Below are the documents with our Bylaws along with our Policy Handbook.

EE Chamb Bylaws – March 2023

EE Chamb Policy Handbook – March 2023 (Membership application documents are here!)

Please then Fill out the Membership paperwork from pages 8-11 and then send it over to our email with a subject “New Member Application 2023”. Once we have viewed your application, we will Review it and let you know if your membership has been accepted and will send you a note that we can accept payment of membership.



Its a new year and we’ve made some changes to our Bylaws and Policies, Please make sure to review the changes and fill out the application with up to date information.

EE Chamb Policy Handbook – March 2023 (Membership Application paperwork is pages 8-11)


If you have any further questions throughout this process, please do not hesitate to email us…