New Trails

Our Grand Opening of the trails system was September 9. A Walk-A-Thon from the Tipple Park Historical site to the trail head parking lot by the Entwislte School and back down to the Provincial Park Day Use Area was a grand success.  We now have a trail system that connects Evansburg and Entwistle.

Through the spring 2012, we have added stairs and steps for easier access from Evansburg.  This has been an extremely long endevor and we are planning to continue the trail system through our hamlets.  As of the spring of 2013 only a few members have been assisting in the upgrade of the Evansburg Hill and we are not able to continue until we can have a few younger people to carry some of the supplies up to the areas that need assistance.  We have been working hard to complete them, but we are only few.


Please enjoy the trails and we thank all of the volunteers for their involvement in this project.  We look forward to completing the trails and the beginning of our walking bridge across the river.

Would you be interested in volunteering your time to make the trail more accessible for everyone?  Please contact Eric at 780-727-4676